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Marek Jaszczak, MD


Department of Neonatology

UJASTEK Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kraków, Poland

Neelima Kharidehal, MD (Peds), MRCPCH (UK)

Senior Consultant, NICU

Suraksha Children’s Hospital

Hyderabad, AP


Makiko Ohyama, MD, PhD, IBCLC

Japan Pediatric Society

Japan Society of Perinatal-Neonatal Medicine

Japan Society of Premature and Newborn Medicine

Japan Placenta Association

Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology

Japanese Association of Lactation Consultants

International Lactation Consultant Association

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Department of Neonatology

Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center

Minamiku, Yokohama-City, Japan

Arjan te Pas, MD PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

Division of Neonatology

Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden, the Netherlands

Siddarth Ramji, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

Department of Neonatology

Maulana Azad Medical College

New Delhi, India

Mary (Molly) Seshia MBChB, DCH, FRCP (Ed)

Professor of Pediatrics

Section of Neonatology

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Outi Tammela, MD

Adjunct Professor in Neonatology

Pediatric Research Center

Tampere University Hospital

Tampere, Finland

Christiane Theda, MD, PhD, MBA

Neonatologist and Medical Geneticist

Royal Women’s Hospital

University of Melbourne

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Newborn Emergency Transport Service

Royal Children’s Hospital

Melbourne, Australia

Imelda Consunji Vinzon-Bautista, MD, MPH, FAAP, DPPS, DPSNbM

Chairman, Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health

Chief, Section of Neonatology

St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City

Taguig City, Philippines

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