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Diagnostic Imaging of Infants and Children is designed to be an effi cient reference source for the practicing radiologist, a learning tool for radiology residents and fellows, and a cross-specialty resource for all medical providers who care for children. Technologists in all imaging modalities will also fi nd it useful. The text is comprehensive, but concise. Up-to-date descriptions of the clinical features, pathogenesis, and pathology of diseases provide a solid background for understanding diagnostic imaging principles. The content encompasses essentially all pediatric conditions for which diagnostic imaging is clinically important.

The basic organization of the text is by organ system and disease category. For each condition, the reader is presented with a brief overview of current information about the pathogenesis, epidemiology, and clinical presentation. When appropriate, discussion of the disease pathology is correlated with the fi ndings on diagnostic imaging studies. The imaging features with each pertinent imaging modality are reviewed sequentially. Imbedded "Pathology-Radiology" tables provide a quick reference for the key findings.

Because the approach to the individual patient does not always fi t with a disease category system, there are supplemental features in the text that provide the reader with additional tools. Clinical Presentations sections interject discussions of key symptom-based considerations about the diff erential diagnosis and imaging procedure selection. In addition, diff erential diagnosis tables are included where appropriate.

Radiologists, pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and other health care professionals who care for children face the ongoing and evermore complex challenge of choosing the most accurate, least invasive, and most cost-effective diagnostic imaging techniques for the individual patient. The balanced approach of this text provides the reader with tools to make informed decisions in everyday practice.

The information in Diagnostic Imaging of Infants and Children is the result of an exhaustive review of the current medical literature, blended with the practical knowledge accumulated from nearly 30 years of practice as a pediatric radiologist. My sincere wish is for my fellow radiologists and clinical colleagues to fi nd this a useful resource as they strive to provide high-quality care to children.

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