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This book would not exist without the encouragement, guidance, and support of Dr. Jack Sty. He has been a mentor, colleague, and friend throughout my career. His enthusiasm for excellence is infectious. My love for teaching and writing has grown under his influence.

My partner, Dr. Brian Lundeen, has been instrumental in helping to maintain our clinical practice as I have balanced my clinical duties with this time-consuming project. He has also contributed many of the fi gures in the text and assisted with proofing figure legends. Dr. Smita Bailey, now at Phoenix Children's Hospital, has also provided key images.

The physician assistants, nurses, and technologists at our outpatient radiology center, Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging, have contributed in various ways, including manuscript proofing and acquisition of illustrative images. Special thanks to Darci Grochowski for her assistance with the musculoskeletal chapter.

Several dedicated people assisted with photography, image organization, clinical correlation, and bibliographic research. They include Jessica Mainus-Sohns, Scott Byers, Kevin Cohen, and Monica Godat. Thanks as well to the file room staff and technologists at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The potentially chaotic process of preparing thousands of images for use in the book ran with precision under the guidance of my dedicated and energetic administrative secretary, Sue Armson. Sue passed too early, but her spirit is part of this book.

I wish to acknowledge Dr. Jeff Rosengarten and the other members of the radiology department at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. High-quality images from this institution are scattered throughout the text. Also, thanks to Dr. Darin Brannan and the staff at The Children's Center in Bethany, Oklahoma.

The editors and production staff at McGraw-Hill have been supportive and professional. Special thanks to Michael Weitz and Peter Boyle.

Finally, the special contribution of my family needs to be recognized. My three sons, Jack, Sam, and Joe, have tolerated a father who needed to devote large blocks of time to this project. Only my oldest can remember a time when dad was not working on "the book." They have been unwavering in their support and encouragement. My dear wife, Annie, is the unnamed coauthor of this book. She has provided encouragement and advice. Her unconditional support made this book possible.

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