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Welcome to the Pediatrics Examination and Board Review book. This is a comprehensive board review designed to help the reader study for the general pediatrics board examination.

This text covers all the content that the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) says you need to know for the board exam. The 35 chapters in this text correspond to the 35 sections of the ABP content specifications and are written by specialists in the topic areas. The majority of the content is presented as cases followed by question/answer/discussion. The discussions are in depth but written in an informal manner to avoid the feeling that you are reading a textbook. For visual learners, we have included tables, figures, and photos. The goal of this book is to make studying for the boards more engaging.

Each chapter is meant to stand alone, allowing you to focus on challenging content areas or those where you may need to spend more time. A final exam is included at the end to help you test what you have learned. Each question is referenced in the book so you can go back and review what you may have missed.

Pediatricians trying to pass a national board exam are not the only ones who might benefit from this book. Anyone wanting to learn more about pediatric medicine should read this book. It provides a broad overview perfect for both early and seasoned learners.

We are very proud of the final product and believe it provides the reader with an exceptional resource to cover the entire breadth of pediatric medicine.

We would like to thank all of the authors who contributed to this book. Without their hard work, this book would have never come together. We would also like to thank Christie Naglieri, Andrew Moyer, Alyssa Fried, and Samantha Williams at McGraw-Hill for their help and guidance throughout. But most of all, we would like thank our friends, family, and coworkers for their love, understanding, and support during the final push to complete this project.

Andrew R. Peterson, MD, MSPH
Kelly E. Wood, MD

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