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Final Exam

A teenage boy asks how tall he can expect to be as a full-grown adult. His mother is 160 cm tall and his father is 180 cm tall. He is healthy and has had normal growth and development. His full-grown brother is 182 cm tall. You tell him that his approximate expected adult height is:

A) 180 cm

B) 160 cm

C) 182 cm

D) 176.5 cm

E) 163.5 cm

The answer is D.

Which of the following is the most effective method of preventing unwanted pregnancy?

A) Rhythm method

B) Male condom

C) Female condom

D) Implantable etonogestrel rod

E) Oral contraceptive pills

The answer is D.

Which of the following is a characteristic of middle adolescence?

A) Appearance of acne and body odor

B) Mainly interested in same-sex relationships

C) Desires privacy from parents

D) Physically mature

E) Becomes less influenced by peers

The answer is A.

Which of the following is true of a typical adolescent girl’s first few menstrual cycles?

A) Anovulation is rare

B) Age of first menses is usually around 10 years in healthy well-nourished Americans

C) Typically precedes thelarche by 1 to 2 years

D) Occurs at regular 30-day intervals

E) Typical menstrual product use is 3 to 6 pads or tampons per day

The answer is E.

Which of the following is more characteristic of T-cell immunodeficiencies than of other types of immunodeficiencies?

A) Vaccines tend not to produce an immune response

B) Live virus vaccines may lead to active infection in the patient

C) Skin abscesses are common

D) Overwhelming infections occur with common bacterial pathogens

E) Oral corticosteroids ...

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