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Key Features

  • Intermediate uveitis or pars planitis is described as inflammation located in the far anterior periphery of the retina and vitreous base

Clinical Findings

  • Decreased vision and floaters

  • History of a red eye and ocular discomfort

  • A prolonged duration of the disease can lead to deprivation amblyopia and strabismus


  • A dilated examination is required for observation of inflammation of the pars plana and vitritis

  • Slit-lamp and dilated funduscopic examinations by an ophthalmologist often reveal chronic signs of inflammation associated with intermediate uveitis, including

    • Macular edema

    • Cataracts

    • Increased intraocular pressure

    • Irregular pupil

    • Iris adhesion to the lens

    • Band keratopathy


  • Most common regimens include subtenon steroid injections, vitrectomy by a retinal surgeon, and systemic immunosuppression

  • Secondary glaucoma often requires tube shunt surgery

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