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To my grandchildren Roshni, Saachiv, Kailen and Ariya

For bringing Heaven on Earth to my life.

To my children Toral & Vikas and Ronak & Kunal

For carrying the torch of serving humanity through the practice of medicine.

To my husband Rajni P. Shah, MD

For serving as my backbone during the pursuit of my professional career for the past 47 years!

To my mother Chanchalben

For your perseverance and intense desire that I become a physician.

To my father Ratilal P. Patel, MD

You were my greatest inspiration and inner strength.

Everything I have become is because of you!

—Binita R. Shah, MD, FAAP


To my parents, Vithal and Geeta Mahajan, who have taught me the value of education.

To my wife Jayashree and my two daughters Arushi and Aditi whose selfless support and love keep me grounded and humble.

To my brothers Arun and Ravi whom I can only hope to emulate.

To my friend and mentor Binita, whose vision about the global impact of this book on diagnostic decision making is my primary driver to learn and collaborate on this endeavor.

—Prashant Mahajan, MD, MPH, MBA


To my parents Ann and John: A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you and realize how important you were to my career and my life.

To my children Mike, Jess, and John: Who make me proud every day and have turned my house into a home.

To Mason and The Chief: Who’s unconditional love is testament to the fact that I live with my five best friends.

—Michael Lucchesi, MD, MS

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