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This masterpiece marks two landmark events. First, the formulation of a collection of over 40 years of Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine captured poignantly in patient photographs, coupled in a complementary fashion with pearls of wisdom that are sure to enlighten, educate and rejuvenate even the most accomplished clinician. Second, the culmination of a remarkable career spanning more than four decades. Doctor Binita R. Shah positively influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and their families. She did so in a seemingly effortless and fluid fashion that at times could only be described as magical, while teaching thousands of residents and faculty including me, the true art of medicine and healing.

In every one of the 1136 pages of this Atlas, you can feel Dr. Shah’s passion for teaching, incomparable enthusiasm, energy and zeal coupled with her unparalleled love and respect for her patients and her students. As her final contribution to the medical field just before her retirement, Dr. Shah has assembled national and international experts to join her in presenting this work of art to you. She has collaborated with seasoned co-editors and co-authors to brilliantly and methodically compile decades of collective bedside clinical expertise into one easily accessible reference.

In an era when so much is “on-line” or electronically accessed, discriminating healthcare providers will surely embrace these dynamic pages, the human stories they tell, the medical lessons they convey, and the pearls of wisdom they impart.

Karen Santucci, MD FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine
Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Pediatrics
Yale University School of Medicine
Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital
New Haven, Connecticut
Forever a grateful student of Dr. Binita R. Shah

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