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This edition of our book is based on a strong foundation of many contributors from previous editions. The editors of the current edition would like to express our appreciation and thanks in particular to the contributors of the 7th edition:

Hubert Ballard, MD; Michael Bober, MD, PhD; Doug Cunningham, MD; Jennifer Das, MD; Steve Docimo, MD; Cathy Finnegan, MS, NNP-BC; Janet Graber, MD; George Gross, MD; Jose Hamm, Jr, MD; Joseph Iocono, MD; Kathy Isaacs, MSN, RNC-NIC; Shamin Jivabhai, MD; Jamieson Jones, MD; Kathy Keen, MSN, NNP-BC; Chris Lehman, MD; Barbara McKinney, PharmD; Solomonia Nino, MD; Paul Noh, MD; Ambadas Pathak, MD; Judith Polak, DNP, NNP-BC; Thomas Strandjord, MD; Christopher Tomlinson, MD; Deborah Tuttle, MD; and Tiffany Wright, MD.

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