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Rapid Fire Questions

A formula-fed 2-month-old infant has fever, irritability, hepatomegaly, and jaundice on examination. Urinalysis is positive for reducing substances, total serum bilirubin is 6.5 mg/dL, and a blood culture is growing Escherichia coli. In addition to treating the positive blood culture with IV antibiotics, management should include which of the following?

a. Change to exclusive breast milk

b. Phototherapy

c. Change to low protein formula

d. CNS imaging

e. Change to soy formula

Which of the following maternal infections is a contraindication to breast-feeding a healthy term baby?

a. Cytomegalovirus

b. Hepatitis B

c. Active tuberculosis

d. Hepatitis C

e. Genital herpes

Which nutrient requires specific supplementation in a vegan diet but not necessarily in a vegetarian diet?

a. Vitamin B12

b. Vitamin C

c. Vitamin E

d. Magnesium

e. Potassium

The developmentally normal child in your office can walk alone, can eat with a spoon and drink from a cup, says “mama” and “dada” and several other single words, and follows one step commands. What is the most likely age of the child?

a. 12 months

b. 18 months

c. 24 months

d. 36 months

e. 48 months

A large for gestational age newborn has left-sided parietal scalp swelling that crosses suture lines. The skin in the area feels thick and pits with pressure; there is no fluid wave. This infant has which of the following traumatic injuries?

a. Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH)

b. Caput succedaneum

c. Subdural hemorrhage

d. Cephalohematoma

e. Subgaleal hemorrhage

The most likely cause of a greyish mucous vaginal discharge in a 1-day-old girl is which of the following?


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