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This tremendously popular book has been written exclusively by faculty and trainees in the Department of Pediatrics and the University of Colorado School of Medicine since its inception in 1970. The book was started as one of the Lange series, now managed by McGraw Hill, by Henry Kempe (then Chair of the Department of Pediatrics), Henry Silver (then Vice Chair of Pediatrics and originator of the Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant Program), and Donough O'Brien (then Head of the first pediatric microchemistry lab in the world). Vincent Fulginiti joined them as the 4th Editor. Bill Hathaway then became the senior editor and recruited colleagues including John Paisley, Jessie Groothuis, and Bill Hay to join as coeditors. Bill Hay assumed the senior editor position with the eighth edition, and recruited Anthony Hayward, Judy Sondheimer, and Myron Levin, followed by Robin Deterding and now Mark Abzug and Maya Bunik, as coeditors. Spinoffs have included CURRENT Essentials Pediatrics that Judy Sondheimer managed, Current Pediatrics Flashcards that Meghan Treitz and Maya Bunik managed, an electronic version through, and a new Pediatrics Technology version with Robin Deterding as editor. The book is revised and updated every 2 years and continues as an enduring contribution valued the world over, now published in five languages in addition to English. It continues to represent the unique and close collaboration among the exceptional faculty within the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children's Hospital Colorado.

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