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Thirty-two years have now passed since the publication of the first edition of this color atlas. In the nine years since the last edition, the field of pediatric dermatology has continued to expand dramatically. New entities have been described, and the etiologies of older ones have been elucidated. As molecular genetic techniques become further refined, the gene defects causing many genodermatoses have been discovered.

In this new edition, we have included a number of newly described entities. In disorders where there is significant clinical variation, we have included additional photos that represent this spectrum.

We hope that the format, which we have continued from previous editions, will allow the reader to easily find each skin disorder – either by searching the table of contents or the index. The format of this text allows for only a brief discussion of the etiology and clinical appearance of each disease entity. We have also tried to include some very basic therapeutic suggestions.

The text of the fourth edition of the atlas bears the indelible imprint of the late Dr. Morris Leider, a coauthor of the first edition. His wit and dedication to the precise use of the English language can be appreciated in several passages that have been left intact, including the humorous discussion of insect "bites."

We ask the reader to bear in mind that this volume is not a textbook and that it should be used in conjunction with one of the several comprehensive references on pediatric dermatology. It is our hope that this atlas will be of practical use to all health practitioners who are involved in the care of children.

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