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The 22nd edition of Rudolph's Pediatrics continues a long tradition of adapting the textbook to changes in our understanding of health and disease, as well as changes in learning approaches. Since the original publication of Rudolph's Pediatrics in 1897 as Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, written by L. Emmett Holt, the editors have attempted to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying biological principles, clinical features, and treatment of diseases of infants, children, and adolescents. The rapid expansion of our knowledge of both normal childhood development and pediatric disease processes, spurred by the advent of new technologies and molecular medicine, makes it increasingly difficult to achieve these goals in a single volume textbook without curtailing the discussion of various topics. Therefore, we have embarked on a new approach that attempts to provide comprehensive coverage in the print version, augmented with additional tables and figures in a DVD attached to the textbook. We also have prepared an even more comprehensive version of the textbook that will be available as an online publication as part of AccessPediatrics.

To simplify access to specific subject matter, this edition is reorganized with an expanded table of contents and chapters that are numbered sequentially throughout the textbook. Improved color graphics and artwork also ease use of the textbook. As in previous editions, initial sections discuss the care of the well child, and problems unique to specific pediatric populations. This edition includes new sections that provide an overview of pediatric practice fundamentals, an entirely revised discussion of health promotion and disease prevention, and new sections focused on the care of the chronically ill child and on pediatric nutritional issues. Sections that discuss multisystem disorders follow, including substantially revised sections on metabolic, genetic, immunologic, and infectious disorders. The remaining revised sections focus on disorders of specific organ systems.

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