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This textbook was conceived as a resource for all healthcare professionals who care for children. At its conception, the target audience was to consist of primary care physicians, but it will clearly be equally valuable to medical students, residents in family medicine, pediatrics, and surgery, specialists in many fields who may be confronted with a child experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, and a variety of allied health professionals.

We have endeavored to supply a concise, illustrated, and current reference on gastrointestinal and liver disorders designed for all physicians who care for children. Many colorful illustrations are designed to enhance readability and improve understanding of complex topics. The first section deals with evaluation of common symptoms emphasizing the differential diagnosis and evaluation of the symptoms, as well as treatment of common causes. Disease chapters follow a similar practical approach, and are supplemented by several chapters on diagnostic modalities. Each chapter contains a list of references for the use of the reader in further exploration of selected topics. This is a book that is dense with practical information. It is beautifully illustrated, readable, portable, and, most importantly, highly informative and up-to-date.

Warren P. Bishop

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