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Many medical schools and residency programs have had great success in converting learning by lecture into case-based or "vignette" style learning. Professors using vignettes when teaching students can convey important teaching points in a relevant context that forces participants to be proactive, rather than passive learners.

Tests in medical school and residency have thus migrated towards the vignette model. Testing with vignette-based questions has permeated oral exams, written exams, and interactive, computer-based exams. So too follows the mini-vignette style on many pediatric board exam questions, and we have therefore produced this book, made up entirely of vignettes, followed by question choices and discussion thereof.

We anticipate that the second edition of this book will be a valuable tool for exam preparation. Of course, we expect that this book will be useful and interesting to all learners; not only to the pediatrician reviewing for board exams, but to the broader continuum of life-long learners, from medical school students in pediatric clerkships to seasoned pediatricians.

And finally to you who hopefully purchased this book in preparation for your board examination or as an aid for your teaching efforts. To the former, welcome to our discipline of pediatric medicine. May you delight and profit from the knowledge we have tried to impart in these pages. May you also take a minute, should you disagree with any little thing, to inform us of inaccurate questions, statements, or answers. If there are to be future editions, we will make sure your advice is incorporated.

Good luck with your board examination. May this volume make your preparations more successful.

Robert S. Daum, MD, CM
Jason J. Canel, MD, FAAP

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