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Ten years ago, the first edition of Operative Pediatric Surgery was published by McGraw-Hill. The “editorial purpose” of the book was to consolidate into a single volume a pediatric surgical textbook that would include a limited introduction of the topic's history and a thorough discussion of diagnostic and therapeutic principles, with the generous use of artistic illustrations, radiographs, and photographs that emphasize the authors' preferred operative techniques, all in an atlas format. Also included, where appropriate, would be diagnostic and treatment algorithms or care guidelines. In this second edition, our authors have presented a contemporary update of each topic, and where relevant we have admixed minimally invasive operative techniques with the open approach, rather than separating laparoscopy and thoracoscopy into a separate topic as in the first edition. This should bring greater clarity to the current operation(s) preferred by each author.

This textbook is divided into 11 parts that include a total of 100 chapters. The critical care chapter has been expanded to be as current as possible, including the application of new monitoring techniques. There are also new chapters on the topics of hypospadias, adolescent bariatric surgery, vesicoureteral reflux, non-rhabdomyosarcoma sarcomas, and gastrointestinal polyps and cancer. In short, this second edition of Operative Pediatric Surgery represents a completely new book that preserves the structural format of the first.

Pediatric surgery remains the life's calling of the four editors as well as our authors. It represents a surgical enterprise that provides operative care to our most vulnerable population, our children. It is hoped that this textbook will provide comprehensive information for trainees, practicing pediatric surgeons, and those surgeons—whether adult general surgeons or other specialty surgeons—who provide operative care for children.

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